Data and Mass Data Analysis

To identify trends and system improvement opportunities accurately, data relating to all types of accidents should be periodically subjected to in-depth analysis. Ideally, the data being analysed should span a reasonable period of time and we recommend 18 months as the minimum for mass data covering all or multiple accident types. That said, and for the mass analysis of specific accident types (e.g. specific types of near-miss, falls from height, road traffic accidents), shorter periods can still produce significant findings for system improvement opportunities.

Neucom has extensive experience in this area and our most recent mass data analysis involved multiple accident types spanning 20,000,000 man hours in a heavy engineering and fabrication environment.

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Our core business is industrial accident investigation and we have a wealth of varied experience in that field.

Reading Rooms

Designed for those with an involvement in the accident investigation process, the reading areas consider a range of subjects from the perspective of the accident investigator.

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