Our ability to assist organisations Worldwide has developed over 25 years of consultancy in countries and regions such as N. America, Iceland, Europe, Middle East, Morocco, S. Africa, S.E. Asia, Japan, Irish Republic and, of course, UK. Whilst all are seeking to improve the management of risk and safety in their field (e.g. aviation, rail, road transport, shipping, on/off-shore oil, food, steel fabrication, marine & civil engineering, construction, house building, medical, military), each is unique…..even those that are a distinct division of an organisation or part of a wider group of companies.

Depending on jurisdiction, all are subject to, for instance, different laws and customs and their work forces are not always composed of Nationals. On occasions, we encounter large, interacting work forces composed of many different nationalities, languages, dialects, cultures and religions (with huge variations in risk aversion/proneness) wherein most are away from home countries (sometimes, for the very first time), family and friends. Sometimes, the members of strategic delivery teams do not originate from the same organisation or country and, like many under their control, are working together for the first time amidst a culture, systems and rules that may be alien relative to their last employer or beliefs.

When Neucom assists as advisors or consulting investigators, we utilise years of multi-national, multi-sector experience to ensure that any identified system improvement opportunities or wider intervention strategies are evidence based; i.e. derived factually from the organisation’s uniqueness rather than generic assumption. Similarly, any advice we offer will be accompanied by clear, manageable guidance on how to implement, monitor and measure should an organisation choose to act on what we find. All too often, the indicators of success and failure are not specified in advance, the means to enable are absent and both the bar and expectations are set unattainably and unrealistically high. Not so with Neucom Ltd.

About Neucom

Our core business is industrial accident investigation and we have a wealth of varied experience in that field.

Reading Rooms

Designed for those with an involvement in the accident investigation process, the reading areas consider a range of subjects from the perspective of the accident investigator.

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