IIAI Advanced Investigative Interviewing Skills

Neucom’s course is approved by the Institute of Industrial Accident Investigators (IIAI) and addresses key findings from the IIAI Ten Year Studies. The course introduces delegates to advanced, investigative, interviewing skills to enhance the execution of interviews and the awareness and practical application of learning from the fields of social and cognitive psychology.

A ‘stand alone’, certificated course of study open to all, it also satisfies the advanced interviewing component of the IIAI Diploma in Industrial Accident Investigation and Analysis and is, therefore, suitable for those who are pursuing that award.

An overall aim is to equip those who are, or could be, required to interview in the course of their employment with a good working knowledge of the process in general (please see the IIAI Core Aims and Objectives below).


The course runs over two consecutive days and allows delegates to absorb key theoretical aspects whilst monitoring and improving their practical skills (approx. 50% of the course is practical). Among the many topics covered…

  • Pre-interview planning and preparation
  • Mid and post-interview evaluation
  • Paralinguistics, body language, non-verbal communication
  • The processes of memory
  • Lying and deception
  • TA theory
  • Techniques used by enforcement agencies world-wide
  • Individual presentation and interpersonal skills
  • The structuring of questions
  • Appropriate and inappropriate forms of questioning and their effects on interviewees
  • The common, major shortfalls with interviews and written reports.

Delegates will also gain insight into how their interview style and behaviour is perceived by others as the practical sessions allow post-interview feed-back from interviewees.


Two days.

IIAI Approved


IIAI Examined

Yes (also see Core IIAI Aims/Objectives below).

IIAI Certificated


2023 Venue/s

To be announced.

2023 Date/s

To be announced.


£395 per person plus VAT.

Price includes course materials, IIAI examination packs, teas/coffees, refreshments and lunches. Excludes accommodation.

Prospective delegates might also keep an eye on the courses area of the IIAI site as dates sometime appear there first.

In-house Deliveries

Organisations are invited to contact us regarding in-house development and/or delivery costs.

IIAI Core Aims and Objectives for Stand Alone Course and IIAI Diploma Qualifying Unit

The course aims to enhance communication and inter-personal skills, the planning, execution and review of interviews and the awareness and practical application of required learning from the fields of social and cognitive psychology. Upon successful completion (see note), delegates will be equipped to…

  • Plan an interview and describe its phases and key considerations.
  • Describe the general format of a PEACE interview and state the aims of the Cognitive and Enhanced Cognitive Interviews.
  • Outline a range of matters that can adversely affect an interviewer, the interview process, its outcome and the write-up of reports.
  • Describe the key characteristics of ‘good’ or active listeners.
  • Explain the effects of appropriate and inappropriate types of question and how questions may be structured to avoid leading and aid recall.
  • List the key aspects of paralinguistics and non-verbal communication and assess elements of their own and others vocal deliveries and body language.
  • Identify personality types according to Interpersonal Attitude and outline the modes and transactions according to TA Theory;
  • Outline the encoding processes, the ways in which memories are stored and retrieved and give possible reasons for retrieval difficulty.
  • List a range of individually and socially ‘acceptable’ reasons for lying and describe the stresses, behavioural and physiological reactions that lying can produce in individuals.

Note: Delegates completing the course as a stand alone unit are equipped to achieve the objectives and examined by way of multiple choice, open book examination. Delegates who later rely upon this course as a completed component of the IIAI Diploma will, in addition to the original course examination, complete a closed book, written examination in relation to it as part of their IIAI Diploma finals.

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